History of Yealmpton / Milizac Twinning

  1. Autumn 1984 Councillor Dr Michael Everitt asked the Parish Council if it had considered twinning. It was agreed that Mr Squire form Wembury (already twinned) should speak at the Annual Parish Meeting next year.
  2. March 1985 at the Annual Parish Meeting the names of interested parishioners were taken. 14 households expressed interest in the idea. Yealmpton Twinning Steering Committee was initiated.
  3. Contact was made with the Devon Twinning Officer who gave several suggestions of possible twin villages including Milizac.
  4. March 1986 the Chair reported that he had received an invitation for a group to visit Milizac in April.
  5. April 1986 a group of 6 from Yealmpton set sail for Roscoff and Milizac. Treated as VIPs the group were very impressed with the village and its facilities and they were unanimous in their praise for the welcome and frienship shown to them.
  6. May 1986 a visit  to Yealmpton by 5 from Milizac. They were shown around the village and visited Dartmoor and Plymouth. They were invited to Kitley House and there was a supper where to which all in Yealmpton were invited.
  7. Both visits were successful but it was felt that more people on both sides should become involved before a positive commitment was made. A promotion of the idea of twinning the village followed. Leaflets, events, Yealmpton Press and Show.
  8. 1987 visits by both adults and teenagers were made in both directions.
  9. The decision to twin was made, with the agreement of the Parish Council and in 1988 the official twinning ceremonies took place. On both occasions gifts were exchanged and trees  planted.